December 21, 2009

On Main Street, just south of 5th, Vancouver, BC
On Graveley Street at Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC
At the Lighthouse parking, Mayne Island, BC
By the Lighthouse on Mayne Island, BC
Cordova st @ Carrall (just outside Jeffrey Boone Gallery), Vancouver, BC
Abbott and Hastings, Vancouver, BC
Cypress Mountain Viewpoint, West Vancouver, BC

San Francisco Airport, Departures, San Francisco, US

On Fillmore Street @ Beach, San Francicso, US

Somewhere on the streets of San Francisco, US

Corner of Jones and Eddy Street, in the Tenderloin, San Francisco, US

Also somewhere on Oak Street, between Webster and Disvadero...I think, San Francisco, US

Pretty sure this is on Oak Street somewhere between Webster and Divisadero, San Francisco, US

Samovar bathroom, on Page and Laguna Street, San Francisco, USA

Sanchez Elementary School on 17th St @ Sanchez St, San Francisco

Police Station on Valencia Street @ Sycamore Street, San Francisco, US

On Washington Street by Battery Street, San Francisco, US

Somewhere in , San Francisco, US

Can't remember exactly where because it's been so long since I took the picture. If you see it, please let me know where!

Bart train, Pittsburg/Bay Point-SFO Line, San Francisco, US

toilet stall (ladies), SFO airport, San Francisco, US

British Airway flight, London to San Francisco

Train from Birmingham to Coventry, UK

Jenna's catch

Coventry Transport Museum, Coventry, UK

Woodside Avenue N @ Kenpas Hwy, Coventry, UK

Coat of Arms Bridge Road, Coventry, UK

December 14, 2009

Victoria Station, London, UK

Just off Queen's Road, by the train station, Brighton, UK